Sweet Dreamzz ... . . 2021

Ephemeral in nature, Parul’s work 'Sweet Dreamzz’ is unapologetically un pleasing, as is the social construct addressed.

Parul often finds herself summoned by the memories of her childhood, though, while it evokes nostalgia, not all childhoods are ever so pleasant.

Raised in a patriarchy dominated society, Parul, was made aware, early in life, of her being unwanted, for she failed to be born as a son. 

 Like many, for Parul her childhood led her to identifying as undesirable. Although this childhood in all its faults is what shaped her present. It is still, exclusively hers.

In her work ‘Sweet Dreamzz.. ..’, the textures, surfaces, mediums and fabrics create a unique interaction. Each one will invoke different kinds of memories, and speak to specific moods. Together, in any combination, they provide infinite opportunities of experiences.

 To  those more familiar with Parul’s life, upon first glance, ‘Sweet Dreamzz’ can be easily be misconstrued to refer to the unfortunate miscarriage that the artist was harrowed by at the time; or perhaps inadvertently, the wound surfaced through this work anyway.

The High Chair 2020

I am my society’s son, my religion is that of my forefathers', I dress to the mirror of my culture, my mind is that of my elders’. 

Be tough, Be strong, Be fast.

This is what I was born into.

This is NOT what I was born as.

I had no say.

This is NOT ME.

Our sons are born to carry the burden of taking the family name forward, to rise above their predecessors and carry further their dreams. No time to stand and stare...and perhaps dream one of his own.

Our society has come to a pinnacle of ‘high performance culture’ where a child is scrutinised from his first word  to the day he steps into school; for the grades they acquire all the way through college until he is old enough to earn and then that becomes your marking of his worthiness. A nudge here and a shove there unceasing through the patriarchal generations inevitably leads to masses suffering from imposter syndromes where one has to EARN acceptance from one's own parents, the unconditional love and care givers.

Children are born with a blank CV and spend their lifetime filling it out with every skill acquired.

Passion, mental peace, soul find but a little corner on these pages, if at all.

As an art activist, Parul’s works have a tendency to voice out against the entrenched societal practices. 

Through her work ‘High Chair’ Parul makes a comment on how sons of our society as early as their weaning age are trained to always be winners. ‘Fed’ teachings that carry through generations; unfiltered.

You.. .. the last words 2020

The Greeks believe that the white roses grew from the same sea foam that Aphrodite was born from. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and also war.

These pristine flowers represent purity -  fresh and untainted, thus apt for weddings, signifying innocence, youthfulness and new beginnings. On the stark contrary, they also make for apt offerings of condolences to a grieving family, to mark the end.

Perhaps they are felicitous symbolisms to universal balance in dualism; or maybe life simply rests  in a series of paradoxes.

In her work ‘I ____ YOU’, Parul  addresses this dichotomy that is life.

Her “I ____ YOU”, ever so straightforwardly, introspects into relationships of all walks of life that come with a yin-yang blend of feelings. She intentionally leaves the word blank to not burden the interpretation by semantics, for each unnamed emotion otherwise carries a baggage of every individual's understanding and experience of the term.

Through her experiences, Parul believes that there is a taint of disappointment or dislike in love and a kernel of attraction in hate. It is only when one sets hopes or expectations in another that there is a chance of disappointments or heart breaks resulting in hate. As all things must, these relations too come to an end. Owing to circumstances or ceasing of life itself. Through her work “I _ _ _ _ You”, Parul mourns these relations that are now reduced to memories both pleasant and painful.

The Blind Love Story  




Letters to and from Papa